A lodging marketplace

The South East Asia first lodging app with host-to-host features. It not only helps users to find their accommodations but also allows hosts to rent their listings to each other.

Time3 months
Team4 members
PlatformsiOS, Android, Web
TypeLodging App
IndustryProperty Marketplace


Traditional lodging apps led to an efficient supply of rooms, our client enter this market with a fresh concept.

Project Idea

The main idea of Urcheckin is to provide users with an opportunity to find a lodge with ease as well as allow hosts to rent their listings between each other.

Target Audience

Travellers, Homestays & Hotels Operator

Project Challenges

  • Subscription and integration of a third-party hotel OTA service in which a subscriber needs to possess certain licenses and qualifications.

  • A UI and UX should be as simple and intuitive as possible

  • The main challenge for a customer was to create a functional and user-friendly platform remaining within the budget for MVP


We built a high-performance iOS, Android apps and a web applications from scratch. We deferred the features which require the third-party OTA service and release them in the future after the client obtains the required licenses and qualifications.

Planning Stage



The client shared the vision on

  • Business model

  • Desired list of features

  • Initial design concept



We've conducted a thorough analysis:

  • Over 10 meetings were held to agree on the details

  • Appropriate technology stack

  • Required third-party services



What we have done at the end:

  • UI/UX design

  • Wireframe

  • Defining required technologies

  • Final decisions on the app's features & functions

Main Features


Searching for a room

Urcheckin uses Google APIs to deliver an excellent experience of using maps. The developers used these APIs to spot all the properties from the Urcheckin’s database and let users choose the appropriate place to stay.


Make offer

An user is allowed to make an offer to a host to get a cheaper rate to rent the room he/she wants.


Building in-app communication channel

It is necessary to give both parties an additional channel for keeping in touch. A real-time chat was a perfect fit for fulfilling that need. With its help, guests and hosts can both message each other to specify details.