A dating mobile app

This app is design to help users find a soulmate or a friend.

Time3 months
Team4 members
PlatformsiOS, Android
TypeDating App
IndustrySocial Media


Aladdin is exclusively designed to bridge people with similarities and let them find their true love.

Project Idea

Aladdin is an internal project. We wanted to build a dating app to cater for the local market. It is designed to allow intraracial dating which is not supported by major dating apps on the market.

Target Audience


Project Challenges

  • A heavy focus on the performance, ensuring that the app runs as smooth as possible.

  • Need to develop a matching system between users.


We built a high-performance iOS and Android apps from scratch, developed a matching system.

Planning Stage



We had vision on

  • A mind map

  • Distinguishing features of the app

  • Business model basics



We've conducted a thorough analysis:

  • Evaluation of the app features

  • Selecting the development platform

  • A product market fit analysis



What we have done at the end:

  • UI/UX design

  • Wireframe

  • Defining required technologies

  • Product milestones planning

Main Features


Swipe to match

A user may like a profile by swiping a card to the right or swipe a card to the left to pass. Users may match only if they liked each other. If there is a match, chat can be started.



Users are allow to chat with their matches. To protect user privacy and emotion, the opposite party won't know whether their message has been seen. If there are a few matched users, it is possible to find a user by name.


Racial based matching preference

Aladdin allows users to filter potential matches by race. Users can only see profiles from their desired races.