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An app that matches people that shares similar interests. Users are shown profiles on a sequence and will be given an option to Swipe Right (Like) or Swipe Left (Dislike) for each. Users that liked each other will be matched and can start communicating through Aladdin.

The founder of Aladdin came to us with a sketch of this idea for a full stack app development and a delivery period of 4 months. FEHUX’s engineers built this app in React Native for long term scalability, performance and user interface customizability. Despite going through several rounds of user interface design and functionality changes, we have managed to pilot test and deliver the app in full within 3 months. FEHUX were tasked midway through the development process to develop an official website for Aladdin that truly represents its theme and value. FEHUX’s engineers completed and delivered it within 1 month after several rounds of design changes.

Aladdin’s founder then came to us and gave us a task to attract initial user base for Aladdin and bringing the app to the market with a bang. FEHUX’s marketing team came out with a game plan and executed it within 2 weeks. Within 3 days of Aladdin’s official launch, we have helped Aladdin to gain 2,000 genuine warm body users through offline marketing.